Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Alone Ain't So Bad

Tonight I went to my first  TEDx committee meeting and afterwards, as it was a very early pleassant spring evening - decided I would like to stop for dinner on the way home.  I made phone calls to friends whom shall remain anonymous hoping someone would answer the damn phone and go to dinner with me. Alas -  no one answered. As I mused my lonely dilemma - I said to myself "I can do this one alone". Craving sushi, edamame and a good hot sake with a Stella Artois with lemon & orange slice - I decided on Akahana. It was a fantastic meal of sushi, a Tom Goo Long or something like that spicy soup, the desired soy beans and libations. And I found it not lonely at all. What I did find lonely were all the couples and even a single here and there compelled to "be busy" on their smart? phones. And if that wasn't enough diversion for their loneliness or their feelings of not knowing how to interact - there were the two HUGE televisions ensconced on the walls. I did manage a brief conversation with one of the sushi chefs. But I did find I long for the day when monitors were not a part of our lives. When in fact you might break into conversation with the person next to you or the bar man or woman. I actually love technology - to a point. At times we need to unplug and be simply human. The reason I left my own diversion (camera) in the car.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A gesture of love.

Well I've been through hell and back this past winter with my broken arm. Who knew it could be so bad? I mean I figured prior to this that you fell - got a cast or sling - took it off and that was it. Well nope that's not the case. I was in miserable pain for 2 to 3 months, on meds - which was awful for me since I'm the gal that hates to take an aspirin and began physical therapy in Jan whichi goes on until the end of summer.

But happy to say that today for the first time I feel no nerve pain in my arm or hand and as a result have a huge smile on my face all day. Thanks to my lovely physical therapist Barbara Green.

I'm convinced that the universe does in fact give you what you need - often....and in fact have learned some simple lessons as a result of all this.

And today I wanted to write about love - real love which we get sometimes from unexpected places. And as a result of what I've been through - I have truly experienced love of family, friends and new friends - people who have been so kind and giving.

I've in the past written on Facebook about this wonderful Bosnian couple, Mirjana and Mato,  that I have adopted as my Grandparents. Each time I stop I am greeted with such a warm embrace - and somehow we manage to communicate even though they do not speak English and I certainly don't speak Croatian. Although my Droid came in hand the other day when I googled for a translator to ask them something.

Today when I stopped by for a quick visit sweet Mirjana picked this bouquet of violets. I had picked one for her to put over her ear in her hair. She had to reciprocate with a bouquet for me. So here it is. A gesture of love. So simple. Wild violets from her yard. Some call weeds. I call beauty. I call love.